Robert McColley

Title: Professor
Company: University of Illinois
Location: Urbana, Illinois, United States

Robert McColley, Professor at the University of Illinois, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in academics.

With more than 35 years of professional experience, Dr. McColley was an instructor and professor of history at the University of Illinois from 1960 to 1997. In addition to his primary roles, he wrote “Slavery and Jeffersonian Virginia” and he was the editor of “Federalists, Republicans, and Foreign Entanglements,” as well as the Journal of Early Illinois State Historical Society. The coeditor of “Refracting America,” he served on the editorial board of the journal Early Republic and the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography.

Dr. McColley began his career as a student at Harvard University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in 1954. He continued his studies with the school, completing a Master of Arts in 1955. He then joined the University of California, Berkeley, earning a PhD in 1960. Dr. McColley went into his profession because he had to declare a major when he studied at Harvard University. He was interested in studying history and literature, but wasn’t able to. Dr. McColley decided to major in history, with a focus on literature.

A respected voice in his areas of interest, Dr. McColley has been affiliated with a number of industry organizations. The former president of the Illinois Historical Society and the Society of Historians of Early Republic, he is a member of the Organization of American Historians, the Virginia Historical Society, the Chicago Historical Society, and Cliff Dwellers. A highlight of Dr. McColley’s career is his first published book “Slavery and Jeffersonian Virginia.” It was published in 1964.

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